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13 July 2011

Update August 2011:
It seems that the usaura website has updated and you need to register to view results and take tests. You can still create tests for free, but if you sign up (also for free) you'll get more control. I can't find why they did this, but I think it's because of abuse of the service or something.

Original article:
In a tweet I saw today I found a link to Usaura wich enables you to get quick user experience test feedback on specific interface usability questions. Questions like; where should I place this CTA button, can people find the search form, is my contact button clearly visible, etc.

I tested the site by uploading a screenshot of the tutorials section of this site and asked the question "Where would you click to view the Google Maps Tutorial?".

The google maps tutorial is the first tutorial on the page and easy to find, but I was curious if people would click the title, the image or the "read more..." link. I had expected they would use the title most, then the image and just a few clicks on the read more link.

But after an hour already 69 people took the test and in an average of 9 seconds these people clicked where they think they would advance to the google maps tutorial.

Suprisingly enough most people clicked the "read more..." link and a lot of people clicked the page title "tutorials" or the main menu button "tutorials".

A lot of clicks can be discarded, but most of them give a good insight in how people interact with your website. Use this technique in your advantage and make more profit, gain a longer "average time on site" or just satisfy your curiosity.

View the results on this page or take the test yourself.
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