The awesome internet (week 42)

21 October 2011

The Expressive Web by Adobe

This is a CSS3 and HTML5 showcase made by Adobe. It shows us, in a beautiful way, what's possible with various features of CSS3 and HTML5. The "cubed" design is completely CSS and looks really nice. Click trough the site and don't forget to share!!/welcome

Regular expressions

Reglar expressions is something you don't have to use much as a frontend developer, but when needed it can really be a pain in the ass if you'r not familiar with it. This comprehensive guide introduces you to the basics of regular expressions.


It is good to know what people actually mean when they say something on the interwebs. This image guides you in the most important one: laughing.

Periodic Table of Typefaces

Unfortunately I can't read the name of the author of this periodic table, but he sure did a great job on creating this poster. It's an arranged list of the best and most notorious typefaces in the world.

Display Twitter stats on your website

Getting the lastest number of Twitter followers appears to be quite easy, as Michael Wright shows us in this short and clear post.

WACOM Inkling

This is also not new but it is just fucking awesome. Watch this trailer and I bet you want to buy one!


jwerty is a JS lib which allows you to bind, fire and assert key combination strings against elements and events. It normalises the poor std api into something easy to use and clear.

It doesn't depend on jQuery and it's only 1.5Kb minified and gzipped. I'm planning to use this in my website and my CMS soon!


This is the follow-up on the world famous CSS Zen-garden. But in this version it's important that the complete CSS file stays under 1K. Today, a lot of websites have large CSS files and include lots of CSS libraries (mostly unused too) and filesizes grow over 30K for CSS only. This competition started to make frontend developers aware of their filesizes. Since the mobile web is growing so fast, it becomes more and more important.

Social Media Policy

Huh? A social media policy? Never mind the message and just watch this awesome animation!
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