The awesome internet (week 44)

04 November 2011

Introduction to CSS3 slides

If you're new to CSS3, these slides by Sven Wolfermann are a must-see. The slideshow is built in the Google HTML5 slide template which creates beautiful clean slides.

Open Source Exchange Rates

The Open Source Exchange Rates API project was designed to address a glaring problem with exchange rate data on the internet: there's an untold number of free currency conversion services, but no free/reliable place for developers to access the rates that power them.

Originally built to integrate seamlessly with money.js, the API provides up-to-date, flexible and portable currency conversion data that can be used in any application, framework or language (not just JavaScript).

Flot, a charting library for jQuery

Flot is a pure Javascript plotting library for jQuery. It produces graphical plots of arbitrary datasets on-the-fly client-side. The focus is on simple usage (all settings are optional), attractive looks and interactive features like zooming and mouse tracking.

The plugin works with Internet Explorer 6+, Firefox 2.x+, Safari 3.0+, Opera 9.5+ and Konqueror 4.x+ with the HTML canvas tag (the excanvas Javascript emulation helper is used for IE < 9).

Flot is an awesome and easy charting plugin for jQuery. See some samples or get the package from and get cracking!


This is a cool game that demonstrates what's possible with HTML5 and gaming. Lately somebody on twitter said something like: "there are more conferences about HTML5 gaming then actual HTML5 games" and he's got a point... why aren't we flooded with awesome HTML5 games like this?

CSSWG workflow

Have you ever wondered who makes up al those awesome CSS rules? This article, written by Fantasai, a member of the CSSWG since 2004, gives you an insight in the workflow of the CSSWG, short for CSS Work Group, which is "tasked with maintaining the existing CSS standards and creating new ones". I don't know why the website is so ugly (and it's even using Comic Sans...), but I bet that's an inside joke I don't get somehow...

A call for ::nth-everything

Chris Coyier, a CSS expert who you must follow as CSS enthousiast, writes a lot of good and interesting articles, but I wanted to highlight this one because he made a really good point. Read this and let the community know if you agree. The more it's spoken about, the earlier it gets implemented in the CSS specs...

HTML5 cheatcheet

This is a very handy HTML5 cheatsheet which makes a distinction between the older HTML4 elements and the new HTML5 elements. The only downside is that it's in a non-printable form, but if I find an hour spare time I migth as well pour this data in a nice printable A4 cheatsheet..
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    04 November 2011

    Yeah, Flot's a great and easy-to-use plugin. A colleague of mine used it in a project this week after I recommended it to him, and he was totally pleased with it. Especially with the ease-of-use.

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    04 November 2011

    Thanks for the Flot tip! I've been using jqPlot, but the Flot-syntax looks a lot clearer and has better cross-browser support.