The awesome internet (week 46)

07 November 2011


I would like to point out, for those who haven't heard already, that the USA is about to accept a bill that allows the government (actually the entertainment industry) to block and censor websites that have links to copyrighted material. Huge websites like youtube and facebook could be blocked and possibly go bankrupt due to this bill.

Please read this website and take a look at the infographic below:

3D CSS transforms in Firefox Nightly

When the first 3D transformations in CSS got support on Webkit browsers people got incredibly excited about them. Now that they have matured we also support 3D CSS in Firefox. To see it for yourself, check out one of the latest nightly builds.

CSS3 values and units

This is an excellent article explaining the new CSS3 values and units.

Papercraft Typography Art

This artist created an awesome set of papercrafted typography. I Really hope this set is released as font or something as I really like to use this in some designs!

3D WebGL Kinect

WebGL is becomming used more and more due to good libraries like three.js and others. This dude recorded himself behind his desk using his Xbox Kinect controller and he translated this recording to WebGL and this is the result. Awesome!


Sadly this demo/tutorial only works in browsers supporting 3D transforms, but it's well worth the effort of booting up Chrome or Safari!

Live Augmented Reality

This video is a recording of National Geographic utilizing live augmented reality in a shopping mall. Really nice and unique marketing!

Lea Verou - CSS3 Secrets

This is a recording of Lea Verou's presentation at Fronteers 2011, thé frontend conference in The Netherlands. I was there and I was really awed by Lea's presentation, so I can asure you it's fun to watch!

Color Thief

Color Thief is a really handy plugin that extracts the most dominant colors from an image and forms a color pallete of them. Imagine creating a page with a fullscreen background and the colors of the content adapting to that background... like Philip's Ambilight televisions...
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    Robbert Peperkamp

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