The awesome internet (week 48)

21 November 2011

Maybe some of my readers missed the awesome internet last week (but I doubt that as I havent heared anybody cry or something), but last week it showed that it wasn't easy to write this blog on a weekly base. Last week I had exaclty two pages in my list of things I wanted to show (busy week at work), and on second thoughts one of them wasn't good enough so I was left with a total of one website I wanted to show. I decided to safe that one for next week and skip a week.

I'll do my best to prevent this from happening again!

Stitched text effect Tutorial

Last week I stumbled (yes, I use StumbleUpon) over this list of photoshop tutorials, as there are many of these on the internet, and one of the thumbnails caught my attention. I haven't had the time to try this one out, but I thought the effect looked só nice I had to share it.

Effectively Dealing with Client Demands

No clients, no moneys. But sometimes you wish you didn't have to deal with them... This article gives 6 good tips on how to deal with them.


This video shows us the oil spilled in The Gulf on an unusual perspective. No political or ecological message here, just an awesomely animated video!

Redesigning the country selector

Selecting a country from a long list that contains all countries in the world can be a pain in the ass. This project shows an alternative that is nice to see ánd also very accessible.

Hover story

Well... what to say about this one... just watch.

Dynamic type website

This website is all about typography. It lets you change it, play around with kerning, colors and font sizes.

Fronteers advent calendar (dutch)

This one is unfortunately only available in dutch. A must read daily weblog until christmas (it is an advent calendar) about frontend developement, by the members of Fronteers. For english viewers, there's always 24 Ways, or even more specific, the advent calandar of 2010[/url].
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    Luc Princen

    02 December 2011

    Thanks again! the Advent calendar (among other things) looks great!