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  • Behind the scenes: CSS-only Clock

    I like to create little experiments on and I get a lot of questions about how I made certain elements or effects. In a series of "behind the scenes" I try to dissect a few interesting pens. In this first episode I'll show you how I made the CSS-only clock with the single element clock face.

  • Point the streetview camera to a marker

    If you add a Google Streetview element to your page and set it to a certain location it often had not got the right heading and "looks" somewhere else. The visitors of your page have to rotate the view to look at the object you want to show them. There is a function in the API to put streetview on a certain location and let it look towards a marker.

  • How to: format dates in PHP

    This short how-to shows you how to format dates in PHP

  • Call for action on vendor prefixes!

    Now that we have gotten to the point that we are almost rid of all the problems caused by IE6, we are about to go back to square one. Vendor prefixes, a necessary evil, seem to cause IE6-like-problems. We frontend developers have to stand up and do something!

  • Google releases Dart

    Today on the 11th of October 2011, Google released Dart, its new "Structured Web Programming" language. It's been said it is Google's aim to replace JavaScript with Dart as the main built-in prgramming language of browsers.

  • 10 common PHP security mistakes

    Security is an often overlooked part of PHP programming. So therefore, I present you the basics of PHP security: the ten most common PHP security mistakes.

  • How to get all possible values of an ENUM field

    Sometimes it's a little overkill to create an extra table and connecting table to add a parameter to an object. An ENUM field comes in handy, but how about getting these values when setting the field?

  • Update the order of multiple records in one query

    I bet you have had this problem once before: a bunch of pages/documents/whatever with an order column in the DB that all needed to be updated when you changed the order with this nifty jQuery UI Sortable drag-n-drop script.

  • When should you use Cufon or @font-face?

    This articles discusses the question when to use Cufón or @font-face.

  • Home

    Welcome to dreamdealer! This is my personal website, which I use to show and learn the world all the awesome things I come across everyday while working as a frontend developer and UX designer. I am also an expert panel member for Smashing Magazine.

  • About Me

    My name is Johan.

  • AJAX callbacks with jQuery

    In this tutorial we will create an AJAX callback with the jQuery library. The sample is very easy, but you can make it as complicated as you like!

  • Benchmark and optimize PHP script speed

    Sometimes you create a script that can get slow for several reasons. In this tutorial you'll learn how to analyze what is slowing the script and foremost what you can do about it!

  • MYSQL basic skills

    In this tutorial you'll learn the basic skills to manage a MySQL database. Fetch a record from the database, display it, edit it and delete it.