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  • Behind the scenes: CSS-only Clock

    I like to create little experiments on and I get a lot of questions about how I made certain elements or effects. In a series of "behind the scenes" I try to dissect a few interesting pens. In this first episode I'll show you how I made the CSS-only clock with the single element clock face.

  • Pure CSS Chrome Logo

    And there's another pure CSS logo. Now I found a challenge in the Chrome logo. The challenge was in the shading and overlapping of the three colored parts in the logo.

  • CSS only version of the NBC logo

    And another adition to the CSS logo gallery with the NBC logo in pure CSS. This version has a little twist. Open the demo and hover over the logo with your mouse!

  • The awesome internet (week 42)

    Second week of the awesome internet roundup. This week Adobe's expressive web, regular expressions, typefaces, funnies, twitter stats, wacom, the jwerty plugin, css1k and social media policies.

  • Free CSS3 iPhone icon

    With no apparent reason I created these iPhone icons in pure CSS with no extra markup. Crab the code and do something cool with them!

  • The awesome internet (week 41)

    From today on I will post a list of the most awesome stuff I come across every week. You can see this as a weekly chart of the best of the internet, seen from the eyes of a webdeveloper.

  • Smooth scrolling back-to-top link

    With jQuery it's very easy to create a smooth scrolling back-to-top button on your website.

  • 10 essential tools and websites for frontend developers

    In this article I will show you 10 tools and websites which are essential for a frontend developer to have and master.

  • Rotating 3D CSS cube

    When exploring the CSS3 transform- and transition possibilities, I created these rotating cubes. With plain color, semi-transparent and one with textures. Only one image is used as texture for the crate, but the rest is pure CSS!

  • Pure CSS only loading animation

    Inspired by a post on Forrst, showing a simple animation of three dots dancing on a line, which can be used for a loading animation. I took things a bit further and created a more fancy loading animation!

  • CSS3 animations introduction

    Maybe somebody noticed, but there are a few CSS3 animations used in this site. In this article a few samples of these transitions.