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  • The amazing Shadow DOM

    Today I watched this talk by Angelina Fabbro about the Shadow DOM. I think this new functionality is something that will be available quite soon in the major browsers because it is something we developers really want and I guess it will get really popular when the word gets around.

  • New interactive demo's

    I've added some awesome new functionality to this website which enables me to make inline interactive demo's.

  • Pure CSS Chrome Logo

    And there's another pure CSS logo. Now I found a challenge in the Chrome logo. The challenge was in the shading and overlapping of the three colored parts in the logo.

  • Call for action on vendor prefixes!

    Now that we have gotten to the point that we are almost rid of all the problems caused by IE6, we are about to go back to square one. Vendor prefixes, a necessary evil, seem to cause IE6-like-problems. We frontend developers have to stand up and do something!

  • The awesome internet (week 46)

    I've skipped one week because I had a very nasty flu, but The Awesome Internet is back with another roundup of coolness!

  • The awesome internet (week 43)

    Another roundup of the most awesome stuff on the internet. Naked day, new zealand, CSS specifity, local storage, optimizing CSS code, etc.

  • Google releases Dart

    Today on the 11th of October 2011, Google released Dart, its new "Structured Web Programming" language. It's been said it is Google's aim to replace JavaScript with Dart as the main built-in prgramming language of browsers.

  • Apple logo in 100% pure CSS

    After creating the android logo in CSS only, I decided to skip a few diffeculty levels and try to create the Apple logo in CSS only, using as less DIV's as possible.

  • Android robot in 100% pure CSS

    The Android robot is a cool logo made of fairly simple shapes. My challenge was to recreate the logo with pure CSS and as less HTML as possible.

  • CSS only rainbow

    When discovering the spread parameter of box-shadow, I concluded that it's now possible to stack as many "borders" to elements as you like.

  • CSS only progress bar

    This progressbar is created using CSS3 with no images. This was a testcase to learn working with gradients as background-images. Firefox and chrome only!

  • Pure CSS only loading animation

    Inspired by a post on Forrst, showing a simple animation of three dots dancing on a line, which can be used for a loading animation. I took things a bit further and created a more fancy loading animation!

  • Placing form fields outside the form tag

    I had had numerous encounters with the problem that I needed to place a form element outside a form, but still submit it within this form. In HTML 5 there now is a solution for this problem!