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  • Behind the scenes: CSS-only Clock

    I like to create little experiments on and I get a lot of questions about how I made certain elements or effects. In a series of "behind the scenes" I try to dissect a few interesting pens. In this first episode I'll show you how I made the CSS-only clock with the single element clock face.

  • CSS only version of the NBC logo

    And another adition to the CSS logo gallery with the NBC logo in pure CSS. This version has a little twist. Open the demo and hover over the logo with your mouse!

  • CSS only DC Shoes logo

    I like recreating famous logo's in pure CSS with a minimum of HTML elements used. This time I decided to take on the DC logo.

  • The awesome internet (week 43)

    Another roundup of the most awesome stuff on the internet. Naked day, new zealand, CSS specifity, local storage, optimizing CSS code, etc.

  • The awesome internet (week 42)

    Second week of the awesome internet roundup. This week Adobe's expressive web, regular expressions, typefaces, funnies, twitter stats, wacom, the jwerty plugin, css1k and social media policies.

  • Why is the logo of this site still an image?

    Somebody must have been wondering why the logo at the top of this page is still a simple PNG image while I recreate the Apple and Android logo with pure CSS...

  • Apple logo in 100% pure CSS

    After creating the android logo in CSS only, I decided to skip a few diffeculty levels and try to create the Apple logo in CSS only, using as less DIV's as possible.

  • CSS only rainbow

    When discovering the spread parameter of box-shadow, I concluded that it's now possible to stack as many "borders" to elements as you like.

  • CSS only progress bar

    This progressbar is created using CSS3 with no images. This was a testcase to learn working with gradients as background-images. Firefox and chrome only!

  • Pure CSS only loading animation

    Inspired by a post on Forrst, showing a simple animation of three dots dancing on a line, which can be used for a loading animation. I took things a bit further and created a more fancy loading animation!