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  • Are you still using PX for font sizing?

    Ah yes, the same old font sizing issue... PX or EM, support Internet Explorer or not, blablabla. But if you, like me, have always ignored this debate a little, you might wonder what the fuss was all about. Let me remind you what were the pro's and con's of using PX or EM, and what solves all your problems (well, the font size ones).

  • The amazing Shadow DOM

    Today I watched this talk by Angelina Fabbro about the Shadow DOM. I think this new functionality is something that will be available quite soon in the major browsers because it is something we developers really want and I guess it will get really popular when the word gets around.

  • Positioning an element relative to another element

    Using position absolute can be a little scary, because positioning elements to the viewport is quite random due to the various viewport sizes.

  • Collapsing Margins

    Part of the CSS Box Model is the concept of collapsing margins. Where the box model concept might be a bit hard to grasp, collapsing margins are even more difficult. This article explains what it is and why.