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  • Intelligent image cropping with focal point

    Responsive images are new and there's no actual accepted implementation yet. There are numerous projects that try to fill this void, but the all lack something. Now there is a new project called Focal Point that allows you to intelligently crop images in responsive designs.

  • CSS3 calc(), min() and max() functions

    One of the most awesome new features of the CSS3 spec is the calc() function. Currently only supported by Firefox and IE9 but on its way to become part of the spec.

  • Fixed width or responsive design?

    I took a look into my statistics to see where my visitors came from, but more important what devices they use, wich resolutions they prefer, etc. Maybe it's time to change some of the patterns I use for a few years now...

  • Make your website mobile friendly

    In this tutorial you'll learn how to make your website mobile friendly with CSS media queries. This is called responsive webdesign or responsive webdevelopment.