Burning a music CD in Nero

17 February 2011

If you've never burned (created) a music CD in Nero (one of the most used burning tools), it can look difficult. In fact it is very easy to do this. You can do this in a few easy steps. If you master this you can burn a CD within 5 minutes (if youve got a fast burner).

Step 1
Install Nero if you haven't got on your comuter (don't forget to buy a legal version of nero). Then start Nero trough the windows start menu:

Step 2
When Nero is started you'll get a screen where you can select the kind of CD you want to burn. Since we want to make an adio CD, select this one. You can fill in the fields, but these are not mandatory. Continue by pressing "new":

Step 3
Afterwards youll see two diffrent lists . The left list is are the tracks that will be burned on the CD and the right list is your computer with all of its files.
Find the tracks you want to burn on your computer in the right list and drag them to the list on the left. Nero will validate the files and calculate the amount of disc space used on the CD:

Step 4
When Nero has checked the files youll see how many disc space is taken and how many space there is left on the disc. There are many types of CD's, but the most common is an 80 minute disc. How big your disc is can be found on the case, package or the disc itself. The red line in the disc space meter is the maximum for an 80 minute disc, the yellow one for an 74 minute disc. You have to take care the amount of disc space used is not higher than the yellow or red line (according to the size of your disc). If you are not sure how big your disc is, you beter use the yellow line.

Step 5
When you are satisfied with the content of your CD, you can click the icon at the top of the Nero screen that looks like a CD with a match on it. If you do that, youll get a window where you only have to click "Burn".

Step 6
If you have clicked "burn" you wont have to do anything else but wait till the programm finishes burning your CD. You can use other programs while waiting. You can surf this website for more tutorials for example. When the disc is finished, Nero will display an alert.
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    12 October 2013

    Searching for hours: "What are the red and yellow lines in Nero Burning meant to be telling me?" Your site was the only one that could clarify this. All sorts of BS about overburning and non-specified capacity but nothing to explain "what do they mean?" Congratulations and thanks for for the info.