Glowing curves in Photoshop

17 February 2011

Create a new document (in this example I used a document of 450 x 450 pixels) by pressing CTRL+N.

Select the pen-tool and make sure you've selected the Path option in the menubar.

Make the background black by choosing black as foreground color and pressing ALT+BACKSPACE. Draw an angular line on this black background with the pen tool. Shape this line roughly like the line you want to create. Point the workspace and just click to create anchorpoints.

Afterwards, select the brush tool and make sure you've got the burshpalette on your screen (if you don't see the brush palette, press F5). Give the brush these settings. You can use your own settings, but i recommend you'll experiment later when you master this new technique.

Then select the "convert to anchor point" tool. With this tool were going to give the angular line nice rounded curves. You can try to make the right line in the beginning with the pen-tool, but it is easier this way.

Find a anchor point of your line and click & drag on this anchor point. You'll see the line bend. Move your mouse around untill you've got the right curve. Then release the mousebutton. Do this with all other anchor points.

Create a new layer in your layerpalette.

Then go to the layer-palette and click the Paths tab. Rightclick the layer with your path and select "stroke path..."

When you've clicked that, you'll get this window. Make sure you select the burshtool and select the option "simulate pressure". Make sure you've selected the right foregroundcolor you want your line to be (white in this case).

Press OK and you'll get this result:

Copy the layer with your new line and place this copy under the original. To copy the layer, select the original layer and drag this layer on the second right icon at the bottom of your layer palette. You'll get a copy of the layer above the new one. To move a layer, simply click and drag it to the position you want it to be.

The find the "Gaussian Blur" filter in your filtermenu.

Choose a radius of 4 pixels and press OK.

The merge the two layers by selecting them both and pressing CTRL+E or selecting "merge layers" in the layer-menu.

Then add a layerstyle by doubleclicking the layer with the curve. use these settings:

This is your final curve:
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    07 December 2009

    this tutorial is helpful and gets straight to the point

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    20 February 2009

    hahah tof bavie; leuk dat ik bij jou tutorial uit kom :D

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    25 January 2009

    good and basic job ;)
    thanks ...

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    13 February 2008

    Thanks alot. This is what I have been finding.....

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    18 January 2008

    This is a very nice tutorial helped me alot. Thank you !

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    16 December 2007

    This is the tutorial i was looking for !! Thank you!!!