Resizing photo's in Windows XP

17 February 2011

Microsoft created a free extension for Windows XP wich enables you to easilly resize images in a few clicks. This is very usefull of you want to upload the photo's from your digital camera to the internet.

You can download the extension for free here.

Download the extension an install it. Follow the instructions during the installation and the extension is being integrated in WIndows XP. There are no icons added tot the desktop or start-menu, but if you start explorer (WINDOWS-KEY+E) you can find it if you rightclick on a file.

Find the photo's you want to resize and right click them:

Then choose "resize images" and a new window will appear:

Then you can choose how big you want the images to be after resizing. I choose a custom format because i wanted to post the pictures in a forum and the format used is 600x450. You can also choose 2 other options: "make pictures smaller but not larger" and "resize the original pictures". The first option means that images are only downsized and not they will not be made bigger as they are (that's ugly!). If you enable the second option (don't do it!) the original images will be overwriten with the downsized ones.

If you like the settings press "OK" to resize the image. The new, resized images are placed in the same directory with a new filename (in this example with the added text "custom").
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    02 January 2012

    great post.I never even had an idea that anything as such existed in XP