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Hi, my name is Johan van Tongeren, a 37 year allround webdeveloper and -designer from Holland. I have been working as a professional webdeveloper since 2004 and have experience on a wide variety of subjects. I started out as designer (specialising in interfaces), then shifted my attention to backend development and learned to code PHP and finally jumped to frontend development specialising in cutting edge HTML and CSS applications. I am also an expert panel member for Smashing Magazine.

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Update august 2013: to reduce my digital footprint and to increase the quality of the links I present, I decided to remove the accounts of sites I don't use often.

Update december 2016: I haven't updated this website in a long time due to not having any spare time to write new tutorials or articles. Since I don't want to take the website offline because the content might still be usefull for somebody bare in mind that all content is old and probably outdated. I have plans to update the site in the future, but that's probably not going to be soon.