• Faux Font Outline

    This is al little trick I discovered when trying to replicate a border/outline effect around a custom font.

  • Call for action on vendor prefixes!

    Now that we have gotten to the point that we are almost rid of all the problems caused by IE6, we are about to go back to square one. Vendor prefixes, a necessary evil, seem to cause IE6-like-problems. We frontend developers have to stand up and do something!

  • Collapsing Margins

    Part of the CSS Box Model is the concept of collapsing margins. Where the box model concept might be a bit hard to grasp, collapsing margins are even more difficult. This article explains what it is and why.

  • Frontend Certification

    Quite some time ago the Dutch association for Frontend Developers started working on certification. Then it went dark, as all the volunteers had too much other stuff to do. That is, until last autumn. During the last Fronteers conference some members signed up as volunteers. As I have some time on my hands now we have decided to get things started again.

  • The awesome internet (week 48)

    This week: stitched text effect, angry clients, oil spills, selecting countries, typography, more typography and advent calendars!

  • The awesome internet (week 46)

    I've skipped one week because I had a very nasty flu, but The Awesome Internet is back with another roundup of coolness!

  • The awesome internet (week 44)

    This week's The Awesome Internet is about CSS3 (what else), money, charting, HTML5 gaming, the CSSWG, Chris Coyier and cheatsheets.

  • The awesome internet (week 43)

    Another roundup of the most awesome stuff on the internet. Naked day, new zealand, CSS specifity, local storage, optimizing CSS code, etc.

  • The awesome internet (week 42)

    Second week of the awesome internet roundup. This week Adobe's expressive web, regular expressions, typefaces, funnies, twitter stats, wacom, the jwerty plugin, css1k and social media policies.

  • CSS3 calc(), min() and max() functions

    One of the most awesome new features of the CSS3 spec is the calc() function. Currently only supported by Firefox and IE9 but on its way to become part of the spec.